WGZE Reports

Zooplankton Status Reports:

2013 ICES Zooplankton Status Report 2010/2011
  Additional reports are available in the Status Reports page.


Special Workshop Reports:

2008 Report of the Joint ICES/CIESM Workshop to Compare Zooplankton Ecology and Methodologies between the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic (WKZEM)
2003 Report of the (2nd) Workshop on Zooplankton Taxonomy
1994 Report on the Workshop on the Trans-Latitudinal Study of Calanus finmarchicus in the North Atlantic


Annual Meeting Reports:

Year Meeting Location Meeting Report (click to view/download)
2018 Helsinki, Finland ICES CM 2018//EPDSG:07
2017 Boulogne-sur-Mer, France ICES CM 2017//SSGEPD:07
2016 Lisbon, Portugal ICES CM 2016//SSGEPD:08
2015 Plymouth, UK ICES CM 2015/SSGEPD:05
2014 Reykjavik, Iceland ICES CM 2014/SSGEF:09
2013 Lowestoft, UK ICES CM 2013/SSGEF:07
2012 Malaga, Spain ICES CM 2012/SSGEF:06
2011 Gdynia, Poland ICES CM 2011/SSGEF:01
2010 Portland, Maine, USA ICES CM 2010/SSGEF:12
2009 Torshavn, Faroes ICES CM 2009/OCC:01
2008 Sete, France ICES CM 2008/OCC:05
2007 Riga, Latvia ICES CM 2007/OCC:04
2006 Villefranche, France ICES CM 2006/OCC:03
2005 Lisbon, Portugal ICES CM 2005/C:02
2004 Hamburg, Germany ICES CM 2004/C:07
2003 Gijon, Spain ICES CM 2003/C:01
2002 Aberdeen, Scotland ICES CM 2002/C:07
2001 Bergen, Norway ICES CM 2001/C:07
2000 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA ICES CM 2000/C:09
1999 Reykjavik, Iceland ICES CM 1999/C:6
1998 Santander, Spain ICES CM 1998/C:6
1997 Kiel, Germany ICES CM 1997/L:4
1996 Bergen, Norway ICES CM 1996/L:2
1995 Woods Hole, MA, USA ICES CM 1995/L:5
1994 Plymouth, UK ICES C.M.1994/L:8
1993 Las Palmas, Spain ICES C.M.1993/L:11
1992 Bergen, Norway ICES C.M.l992/L:5