ICES Zooplankton Identification Leaflets

The official ICES entry point for these leaflets is available here (

You can also access the leaflets directrly from the ICES WGZE library ( and search for the taxonomic group that you desire.  For example, if you wanted the Leaflet #12 (Copepoda : Calanoida : Acartia), go to the figshare page and search for text "copepod calanoida acartia").  It should return any links that are relevant to your search.

A listing of all the taxonomic groups can be found in the general index document found at this link (, but you will still have to search for them by hand in the figshare system.  

Originally, the general index PDF document would have linked to this, but we have had repeated problems with the links breaking and/or the Adobe PDF not working correctly, so we are changing this to an html-based access option.  When that is ready for use, it will appear on this page.