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WGZE Biometrics Atlas
WGZE Traits Work

Information on zooplankton rates and traits is increasingly needed to calculate planktonic production, to determine the relative fitness of plankton along environmental gradients, and to predict and assess community shifts and their consequences.   Although a wide range of these data types have been determined, these data are scattered in the literature and uncertainties remain from paucity of observations.   This page will serve as a connection to ongoing efforts and work by WGZE, and others, to build compilations and databases of this crucial information.

At this time, there are two interface methods for this work.   The data itself is available via the links farther down this page.   To the right is a link to the WGZE Biometrics Atlas, which currently does not include data (yet) but summarizes the data coverage by taxonomic group and species and ocean regions.   These two methods will be combined and stream-lined as work progresses.